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Haus of Glitter

Tooth Gem Installation

Tooth Gem Installation

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This covers a nonrefundable deposit ONLY. Deposit goes toward final cost of service. 


$50 for 1st Gem

$15/ea additional gem

Gems are 100% Swarovski crystals, lead free.

 Once purchase is completed, you will receive my booking link to schedule your installation.  


What is a Tooth Gem?

Tooth gems are small gems, or metal figures attached

to the teeth using dentistry glue.

How much do they cost?

Haus of Glitter Gems/Installation are $50 for the first gem, and $15 for each additional gem.

How are they applied?

Tooth gems are applied using professional dentistry

adhesive, the same way an orthodontic bracket is

attached to the teeth.

How long do they last?

Most tooth gems will fall off naturally from two weeks

to a year, although they can last years and years. If

they happen to fall off they can be replaced. Since

there are many factors that affect the amount of time

of retention, we do not guarantee them for longer

than a year, but you can offer resetting them for a

lower fee.

How do I remove a Tooth Gem?

If client doesn’t want the gem anymore, we recommend scheduling a visit to your dentist where they can easily remove the jewel along with and glue residue. Some companies recommend picking the gem off, we do not.

Will a tooth gem harm the tooth?

No, the jewel is bonded to the teeth the same way an

orthodontic bracket is applied. The procedure and

removal are the same processes. When removed it

will simply pop off and polishing or brushing will

remove any remaining bonding material.

Can I brush my teeth as normal?

Yes, it is recommended. Do not use an electric

toothbrush or ultrasonic toothbrush 24 hours after

the jewel is applied. Brush as normal, because a

tooth gem does offer an extra place for food or

bacteria to hide.

Do I still need to have them cleaned by the


Proper dental care will ensure you have no issues.

Are your crystals Lead-free?

Yes, beware of other tooth gem vendors, as lead

does pose a health risk. We only sell Swarovski

Crystals which are lead-free or true metal gems such

as gold, white gold, silver, etc.

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