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Healing with Serenity

Crystal + Glass Waist Beads

Crystal + Glass Waist Beads

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Waist Beads? Some women wear waist beads to track their weight loss or gain. Others wear them to promote healing for female issues such as fibroids. Waist beads can also be used as a tool for spiritual and emotional healing. Some believe that they can help to balance the chakras and promote self-awareness.

Sizing + Customizing:
Please send an email (healingwithserenity@gmail) or text (806-661-8951) with your name and order number for specific sizing and customizations. To measure your waist, use a seamstress measuring tape and measure around the diameter where you’d like your beads to sit. 

Color options are endless: Choose between my signature color mixes or customize your own OR ask for an intuitive strand (a strand made intuitively by Serenity just for you, a surprise!) 

**Please note: standard strands start @ $22.22/ea and can be more dependent upon design, details and other customizations. 


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